Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting Organized--It's Never Too Late

So, many people are all about getting organized at the beginning of January as a New Year's Resolution.  However, apparently I was a little slow this year. But, with the beginning of March I am ready to undertake some important goals that I have been dancing around for the last two months.

One of the problems is that I am great at making lists; however, as soon as the list is completed I promptly lose it, forget about, or never refer to it again.  When I found this perfect organization chart, I had to make it for myself.

The crafty genius, Rachel, at Cornflower Blue Studio was skillful enough to use a ruler and a sharpie to create her Goal List.  I have a secret confession though: since I was in grade school I have had a problem with rulers.  It started in 4th grade with Sister Amy, a stern and intimidating tiny woman.  She insisted that we have clear plastic rulers.  The only problem was that they broke easily.  So, I was forever breaking the rulers and having to beg my mom to replace them so as not to infuriate Sister Amy.  Since then rulers have never been my friend.

As a result, I bypassed the ruler work and used Paint Shop Pro to make perfectly symmetrical boxes and add a few birds too.  I think I am addicted to birds since the Portlandia skit "Put a Bird on It".  So here is the finished product and a link to download your own Goal List. It is formatted as a 11x17 document and I sent it to Office Max to be printed and laminated and it was very reasonable. 
Click Here to Download

Here is the finished product with Post-it Notes.


  1. Thanks for creating this! Like yourself, I loved the idea of the list but am not skilled with rulers at all, so was thinking of doing the same. Thanks for saving me the trouble!

  2. THANK YOU for creating it in a downloadable fashion! I found the comment you left in the original blog post (which I found on Pinterest)... I NEED this, but I do not have the time or steady hand to sit down and do it manually. THANKS! =D

  3. I too found this cute Goal List (or To Do List) originaly on Pinterest and then on Cornflower Blue. I love this updated version w/ extra space and the cute little birds (I love birds too)... Thanks for posting the document here ...

  4. Thanks for sharing this!! Much easier than attempting to use a ruler!! AHHH I was always the kid that drew crooked lines even with rulers. At my job we do a 6 Most important things of the day and this will make it 10 times easier!!

  5. I love this, thank you so much!

  6. This is how I lesson plan since things aren't always getting done in the exact hour box I wrote them down (elementary).